Peer-Reviewed Publications


Annual net community production of particulate and dissolved organic carbon from a decade of biogeochemical profiling float observations in the Northeast Pacific. Haskell et al., 2020 ~ Global Biogeochemical Cycles


Net community production in a productive coastal ocean from an autonomous buoyancy-driven glider. Haskell et al., 2019 ~ Journal of Geophysical Res. Oceans


Concurrent estimates of carbon export reveal physical biases in O2/Ar-based net community production estimates in the Southern California Bight. Haskell and Fleming, 2018 ~ Journal of Marine Systems

Contextualizing time-series data: Quantification of short-term regional variability in the San Pedro Channel using high-resolution in-situ glider data. Teel et al., 2018 ~ Biogeosciences


Annual cyclicity in export efficiency in the inner Southern California Bight. Haskell et al., 2017 ~ Global Biogeochemical Cycles

Perspectives on Chemical Oceanography in the 21st century: Participants of the COME ABOARD Meeting examine aspects of the field in the context of 40 years of DISCO. Fassbender et al. 2017 ~ Marine Chemistry


An organic carbon budget for coastal Southern California determined by estimates of upwelled nutrients, net production, and export. Haskell et al. 2016b ~ Deep-Sea Res. I

Estimates of vertical turbulent mixing used to determine a vertical gradient in net and gross oxygen production in the oligotrophic South Pacific Gyre. Haskell et al., 2016a ~ GRL


A dual-tracer approach to estimate upwelling velocity in coastal Southern California. Haskell et al., 2015b ~ EPSL

Upwelling velocity and eddy diffusivity from 7Be measurements used to compare vertical nutrient flux to export POC flux in the Eastern Tropical South Pacific. Haskell et al., 2015a ~ Marine Chemistry

Biogenic rain and remineralization in the Eastern Tropical South Pacific. Berelson et al., 2015 ~ Deep-Sea Res. I


Particle sinking dynamics and POC fluxes in the Eastern Tropical South Pacific based on 234Th and sediment trap deployments. Haskell et al., 2013 ~ Deep-Sea Res. I 

Selected Presentations:

“Observing carbon export out of the surface ocean interface.” (Invited) Univ. of Maine School of Marine Sciences Seminar, Spring 2019. Orono, ME.

“Quantifying biological production and carbon export in the dynamic surface ocean.” (Invited) Univ. of South Carolina SEOE Seminar, Spring 2018. Columbia, SC.

“Quantifying biological production and export in the dynamic surface ocean.” (Invited) Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, Spring 2018. Moss Landing, CA.

“Quantifying carbon export in the dynamic surface ocean.” (Invited) SIO Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry Seminar, Spring 2017. La Jolla, CA.

“Export efficiency in an upwelling regime.” (Invited) Dissertations in Chemical Oceanography (DISCO XXV), Fall 2016. Honolulu, HI.

“Biological production and export in the dynamic surface ocean.” (Invited) USF College of Marine Science Seminar, Spring 2016. St. Petersburg, FL.

7Be-based upwelling velocity and O2-based biological production (2013 and 2014).” (Invited) SPOT Time Series Workshop, Fall 2015. Los Angeles, CA.

“A two-year time series study of upwelling and community metabolism in Southern California.” UMCES Horn Point Lab Seminar, Fall 2015. Cambridge, MD.

“Coupling O2/Ar and triple oxygen isotope distribution with estimates of vertical transport to constrain biological production in the coastal ocean.” Goldschmidt 2014. Sacramento, CA.

“Net community and gross primary production in the Southern California Bight based on carbon export, dissolved O2/Ar and triple oxygen isotopes: Exploration of how the magnitude and timing of upwelling events may influence export efficiency.” Goldschmidt 2013. Florence, IT.